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Identity design

The Western Port Steelers fields nearly 30 junior teams in the Victorian Junior Basketball league and four senior teams in the ‘Big V League’. They’ve had great growth in recent years and wanted a professional image to project into the future. 

Through a tender process, we were awarded the contract for the creation of a new identity. We understood that when dealing with a board made up mainly of community volunteers, the key to a smooth process was education and communication.

The new identity was to be based on their catch cry and hashtag #MadeOfSteel, should give a feeling of strength, and be an aspirational symbol for their junior players. As well as a new identity for the Steelers team it was decided the basketball association itself needed a separate but complementary identity.

We created two identity designs, both using specially stylised type, to be used for club and Association communications. A style guide was created for all internal club and supplier personnel to ensure a smooth transition of styles. Following the initial identity creations, we also worked with suppliers to create the first Steelers uniform and outerwear marketing designs.

Western Port Steelers basketball team identity design
Team identity design
Western Port Basketball Association identity design
Association identity design
Western Port Steelers identity design printed on grey jersey texture
Identity on Jersey fabric
photo mock-up of Western Port Steelers cap design
Steelers cap design
photo of the Steelers male team on court
Steelers uniform designs
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